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Our company specializes in Cutting Tools market area. 

We represent many international brands such as OSG (Japan), KYOCERA (Japan), VARGUS (Israel), IZAR (Spain) and CARMON (Italy).

We provide a wide range of cutting tools (drills, reamers, end mills, machine taps, dies, milling tools, centerdrills), turning tools (toolholders, inserts, grooving toolholders and inserts, threading toolholders and inserts), milling tools (milling heads, cutters, inserts, thread mills), measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers, slotting tools, dial indicators, protractors), vices (drilling, machining centers, milling), collet chucks, cutting oils, grinding wheelsclamping tools, toolholders (VDI), lathe chucks (clamps) and jaws, drill chucks, sleeves and tapers for drill chucks, and lots of other industrial equipment. 

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About Us

We are a Greek, family company active in Industrial Equipment Trading specializing in Cutting Tools market area. Established in 1972, Mastrogiannis corporation possesses a 500m2 building plus a 100m2 showroom. Our company represents in Greece many international brands...

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